Continues Bioburden Reduction (CBR™)

The Biopuremax system constantly generates free chlorine which reduces the initial bioburden in the feed water tank and ESR™. The downstream UV, both dechlorinates and disinfects the water as the dechlorination dosage is more than 50 times the disinfection dose.

In systems that have softeners or active carbon, this organic media filters out the microbes so they proliferate on the fertile organic material.

The Biopuremax combination of ESR™ and HOD™ has no organic media and all the contact surfaces are SS 316 L or Quartz.

Bioburden Reduction as Follows:
City water tank: max bioburden like incoming water
ESR™ – Bioburden reduction by chlorine generation
HOD™ – Bioburden reduction by UV irradiation
RO – Bioburden reduction by membrane

Both the ESR™ and the HOD™ undergo hot water sanitation at 80-90ºC with the RO and CEDI

Continues Bioburden

Reduction (CBR™)