Technology & Demo

Biopuremax™ is the ultimate pure water system solution, it is environmentally friendly, clean, simple, reliable and effective way of supplying chemical free/hardness reduced water for use as RO feed without the need of any additional treatment.

The Electrolytic Scale Reduction (ESR™) process, also known as ESC, is an elegant solution that replaces both ion exchange softeners and antiscalant chemicals. An electric field generates a high pH near the cathode which deposits scale in the reaction chamber and releases CO2.

Municipal feed water is commonly treated with a free Chlorine / Chloramines / Ozone that can damage RO membranes and CEDI resin. This oxidizer is removed by a high powered ultraviolet lamp: the HOD™ unit.

The HOD™ unit is a UV lamp that has no added substance. It has no moving parts and no regeneration requirement. Its smooth clean pipe construction has no media that may trap incoming contamination. All contact materials are SS 316L or quartz with Viton/Teflon gaskets.




The Biopuremax is based on the following green technologies:

Electrolytic Scale Reduction


Continues bioburden reduction


Hydro Optic Dechlorination of free Chlorine by UV irradiation


Hot Water Sanitization

Biopuremax added values & advantages:
  • No waste water
  • No waste brine
  • No salt and no salt handling
  • No organic resins
  • No backwash or regeneration
  • No ACF – no biofilm
  • Effective disinfection
  • Environmentally safe
  • Thermal sanitization – the optimal sanitization method
  • No moving parts
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Automated hot water sanitization
  • Fast-track project delivery through a standardized system
  • Skid mounted, pre-assembled, space saving, short lead times, quick start-up
  • Optional hot water sanitization RO-CEDI combination for a one-stop-shop solution
  • Comprehensive and standardized validation package (IQ, OQ) for reducing validation time