• Continues Bioburden Reduction (CBR)
    Inherent destruction of bacteria – via normal operation
  • The Next Generation of Pharmaceutical Pretreatment Water Systems
    Unlimited periodic sanitization with 80° - 90°C Hot Water from city water inlet to purified water outlet!
  • Media & Chemical Free

 The challenge of pharmaceutical water treatment

In today’s pharmaceutical water treatment the challenge is not for it to operate and achieve the chemical standards, the challenge is to also have the low bacteria suitable for pharmaceutical water treatment systems.
In pharmaceutical water systems we need to combine low life cycle costs with the high reliability needed for the pharma water treatment.
As the Biopuremax has no chemicals and no organic media, it is the perfect match for pharmaceutical water systems and, as the system is guaranteed to have zero total count, the Biopuremax is superior to all other pharma water treatment systems.
The only maintenance needed on the Biopuremax is replacement of the UV lamps twice a year. The scale precipitated in the ESR is automatically removed by a cleaning cycle.
When the system is first started up it undergoes a heat sanitization cycle at 85°C (185°F). As heat sanitization is the golden standard for pharmaceutical water treatment there is no other more suitable system. The sanitization starts at the very beginning of the pharma water treatment system, at the city water tank, and includes all the equipment and piping in the system.
The Biopuremax will operate continuously, and while operating, will reduce bacteria through the chlorine producing Electrolytic Scale Reducer (ESR) and the disinfection side effect from the Hydrodynamic Optical Dechlorination (HOD). In this case, there is no real need to heat sanitize at short intervals as the bacteria are continuously eradicated, so the Biopuremax can be more easily validated than other pharmaceutical water systems.